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Muslim community holds peace event

After hearing that her mosque would be hosting a Muslim peace event, Bushra Ahmad spread the word by inviting her sorority sisters and the people on her dorm floor.

On March 10, the St. Charles Room in the Danna Center filled with people interested in learning more about the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslim religion. The event, “Muhammad: Messenger of Peace,” was sponsored by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA.

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Imam Azam Akram believes the struggle for peace involves correcting stereotypes about Islam

Azam Akram’s religion is one of peace. Of tolerance, compassion and empathy. It views Buddhists, Christians, atheists and Jews as brothers and sisters. It encourages followers to look inward to become better human beings and create a better planet. It means transcending the quest for the latest iPhone for a life of greater meaning and service. 

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Ahmadiyya’s imam calls for a common ground of peace, tolerance

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Pittsburgh is small — there are only about 150 members — but it is focused on a mission. As it condemns radicalization and extremism committed in the name of Islam, said Adnan Ahmed, the movement’s official imam in Pittsburgh, it aims to foster understanding among different faiths.

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South Florida’s Efforts In The War On Cyber Recruiting

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — With America and her allies scrambling to find strategies to fight terror around the world and potentially on U.S. soil, efforts are underway in a war to fight cyber recruiting of extremists and more.

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Muslim leader: ISIS 'absolutely horrible' and 'nutcases'

SEATTLE - Azam Akram did not sound like the stereotypical Muslim Imam Sunday night.

In a freewheeling discussion about ISIS, he evoked Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, pop culture, and went out of his way to criticize the sect which continues to grow in size across the Middle East.

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A 14 Year Old Muslim American Girl's Brush With Hate

In the summer before I started 8th grade, there was a conflict in the Middle East. Tension was rising as people in the Gaza Strip were trying to save themselves from Israeli rocket attacks. They were aimed at Hamas, a Palestinian organization that had been firing missiles at Israel. I had heard a lot about the issue from my parents and from the news, and it troubled me that so many innocent lives were being lost and the two sides couldn’t resolve their differences with peace.

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Faithful stand together in Wilkinsburg

A Muslim cleric Saturday condemned terrorism and murder during a gathering of religious leaders at a Wilkinsburg mosque.

Imam Adnan Ahmed of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said terrorist acts violate the Islamic teachings.

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5 Reasons Why Nothing on Earth Can Stop the Khalifa of Islam

By now it’s painfully obvious mainstream media loves a juicy terrorism story involving Muslims – but comparatively ignores the vast majority of the world’s Muslims who promote peace.

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Why Would Our Girls Join ISIS?!

This week, investigators confirmed that three British girls who flew into Turkey have indeed crossed the border into Syria to possibly join militant group ISIS.

As a young Muslim woman, I am left grappling with confusion after reading stories of western youth— especially women— becoming radicalized. According to a recent study by the Institute of Strategic Dialogue in London, among the 3000 foreigners who joined ISIS, more than 500 of them were women.


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