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Achraf Issam: As Muslim, I condemn Paris attack

We have just witnessed a horrific and inexcusable act of terror take place in Paris. Having close friends and family living in Paris, I am shaken to the core by the heinous attack by gunmen at the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. As a Muslim, I unequivocally condemn this barbaric act that has nothing to do with the Islam I know and love.

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Letter: Muslims condemn Paris murders

The recent attack upon the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris is absolutely atrocious. These acts are committed by radicals that do not represent true Islam.

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Charlie Hebdo attack

The gruesome attack on staffers of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris is the latest in a barrage of killings purported in the name of Islam. It is a heinous atrocity that must be condemned outright and unapologetically.

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How the Prophet Muhammad Dealt with Insults

Wednesday’s brazen attack in the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo has left many people the world over shocked, saddened, and even infuriated. As the smoke cleared and we learned that 12 people were killed at the hands of three individuals wearing commando uniforms who brandished automatic weapons that were fired indiscriminately at the office, we were left with the horrific reality that these individuals were killed for the single fact that they used their free speech to publish provocative content.


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Prophet Muhammad Was Compassion Personified

Al Qaida has committed yet another atrocity today – against Islam and against humanity. In their twisted minds they have avenged Prophet Muhammad by killing 12 civilians in Paris. In actuality, they are the ones who have failed Prophet Muhammad on multiple levels. The Quran prescribed two fundamental duties for every Muslim i.e. service to God and service to humanity. Throughout his life Prophet Muhammad championed these two services and reached them to their pinnacle.

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Letter: Seek what's fair and just

The recent uproar over the shootings in Ferguson and the deaths in New York has brought to light the unfortunate undercurrents of racial tension that still run within our country.

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An Ahmadi Muslim's Open Challenge to Amir Liaqat

Amir Liaqat is re-enacting ancient history. And as a result, innocent people are dying.

A thousand years ago during the European Dark Ages, religious minorities and women lived in particular peril. Jews were publicly demonized, forced to convert to Christianity, murdered, or expelled. Women played no role in public affairs, had no right to self-determination, and were in fact a form of property. Adding to the barbarity was the fate of those women accused of witchcraft.

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Muslim spokesman answers call

News junkies have probably seen Harris Zafar before.

With his short-cropped beard and slicked back hair, Zafar is a regular sight on television, appearing on countless news shows from KGW to Fox News.


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American Muslim community reacts to Paris terror attack

Author Qasim Rashid says extremism is a common enemy to all people. 


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