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Heeding the Call to Join the Caliphate

Last week, a new audio message emerged from ISIS of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, calling on all Muslims to travel and join the caliphate. The voice in the message states "There is no might nor honor nor safety nor rights for you except in the shade of the caliphate." As a devout American Muslim - born and raised as a staunch loyal citizen of the United States - I found myself shockingly nodding in agreement with this message. He is right - as a Muslim, I agree 100% that our honor and safety can be found within the comforting shade of caliphate. I second this call for all Muslims around the world to travel overseas to pledge allegiance to the caliphate.

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#FreeIceCream in Baltimore

Hey Bawlmereans, have you heard of the "Free Ice Cream" campaign? No? Well, it's not surprising because the media do not have wall to wall coverage when Muslims do something positive for the community. However, they make the headlines when they are part of "terrorist" activities. Americans need to know with certainty that all Muslims are not terrorists and that Islam is not a religion of violence no matter how the Islamophobes try to paint the picture.

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Acceptance Weighs More Than Denouncement

On Sunday, May 3rd two gunmen were shot dead as they opened fire at the security guard, outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Texas where, “Draw Muhammad” art contest was in progress. The gunmen planned to commit a heinous act of terrorism and in its pursuit shot the security guard on duty. The intended act of terrorism is as despicable as it can be so is the caricature drawing contest organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Though Pamela Geller, the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, exercised her legal right of freedom of expression yet her expression was not free from malice and spite towards Muslims.Of course, no one can stop anyone from practicing the First Amendment and the right to free speech. We Americans cherish the freedom to say what’s on our mind. However, freedom of expression becomes questionable when it focuses on maligning the faith or religious beliefs of any one, and in this case, 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.

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The Quran is meant for everyone, even Hollywood stars like Lindsay Lohan

Thanks to pop media culture, many of us are aware that  actress Lindsay Lohan has undergone a few turbulent years with interventions for her reform. During her most recent community service in Brooklyn, Lindsay was carrying a copy of the Holy Quran translation by Ahmadi Muslim Scholar .

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Agents of Provocation

Analysts and researchers have recently begun to study "sacred values" that are basically deeply-rooted ethical or moral precepts that we hold dear regardless of whether they are political, religious or personal. When these values are provoked, even offering incentives to compromise over them is likely to backfire as the victim views an enticement as an affront. The sacred value will inevitably vary person to person but the response to provocation will be equivalent.

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Ahmadiyya Muslim Qasim Rashid on Religious Persecution in Pakistan

Qasim Rashid's book The Wrong Kind of Muslim: An Untold Story of Persecution & Perseverance was rejected by American publishers because they feared the Islamist backlash. It's the story of religious persecution and bigotry in Pakistan against Ahmadiyya Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Shia Muslims and atheists. Qasim Rashid has taken a stand for freedom of conscience. He showcases the people caught in the snare of Pakistan's blasphemy laws and the brave individuals refusing to be cowered.
"Don't be afraid of the other. Engage people of different faiths. Engage people who have different ideologies. Learn from them."
-Qasim Rashid

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This Man Understands Why People Become Terrorists. It Almost Happened to Him

NEW YORK—It was possible that A’amash, a Pakistani-American man in New Jersey with two master’s degrees, would have left the United States to fight for an Islamic militant group if the wrong person had talked to him at the right time.

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How Science Brought Me Closer to God

I was born in a Muslim household to parents who laid great emphasis on spirituality and science.

Growing up, I was taught to always speak the truth, to be kind to others, to serve humanity in all ways possible, and to never expect any form of thanks in return. Selfless service, as I was taught, was at the core of Islam. I remember reading the Koran from a very early age and reflecting over its commentary on a regular basis.

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Prophet Would Counsel Patience

As an American Muslim, I fully condemn the actions of the extremists who opened fire at the “Draw Muhammad” cartoon event hosted by an anti-Muslim hate group. Although Prophet Muhammad holds a special place in the hearts of all Muslims, it goes against the core of Prophet Muhammad’s teachings to respond with violence.

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