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Islam: Separating Facts from Fiction

"There is no moderate Muslim because there is no moderate Islam." This is the message that a self-proclaimed expert on Islam, Usama Dakdok, is bringing to Oshkosh, on April 8. Those gathered at St. John's Lutheran church that day will probably learn astonishing proclamations such as President Obama is a Muslim pretending to be a Christian. They may hear Dakdok opine that Muslims do not have the right to practice their barbaric cult in America. Such fantastic claims can be gleaned from Dakdok's website.

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Real Muslims don't terrorize

Nearly 150 people were killed in Kenya in a brutal attack on a university by a terrorist organization called al-Shabab. Reports claim that the militants specifically singled out Christian students.

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Why ISIS Is Acting -- or Claiming To -- Outside of Its 'Caliphate'

ISIS initially claimed its "caliphate" focused on an "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq. Today though, roughly nine months after last year's initial June 30 announcement, ISIS is acting -- or claiming to acting -- outside of its "caliphate."

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The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS

How did a rogue band of radicals with such a destructive ideology appear so suddenly and gain such influence in such a rapid timeframe? The answer is an inconvenient truth -- but it is one we must accept if we hope to stop ISIS. Some claim ISIS is merely an informed, practical, or even educated manifestation of Islamic doctrine. This simplistic answer, however, is as incorrect as it is dangerous.


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Islam Requires Muslims to Protect Christians

Five years ago, I lost close friends in one of the most gruesome terrorist attack on Pakistani soil. In twin attacks on two Mosques in Lahore, 88 Ahmadi Muslim worshippers were killed at the hands of the Taliban. It was a painfully bloody day. This last weekend, I woke up to sad news from Pakistan that made me relive some of that pain.

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A Muslim’s Views on the Theology of Easter

Easter is the day Christians worldwide celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus—an event they believe is their means to salvation.

It is not well known, but in Islam we also believe in the truth of Jesus Christ as a pure and righteous Messenger of God sent to the Children of Israel.  In fact, it is a requirement of Islam to accept Jesus and his Gospel.  The Quran, which is the Holy Scripture of Islam says:


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Conference on building bridges among faith communities

NEW BRUNSWICK – On March 23, the Rutgers Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association held “Muhammad — Messenger of Peace” conference at the Rutgers University Student Center.

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Harris Zafar Demystifies Muslim Misconceptions

Harris Zafar, author of “Demystifying Islam: Tackling the Tough Questions,” spoke Tuesday night at the Co-op Bookstore about demystifying Muslim stereotypes.

Zafar is a public speaker, writer and national spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. He speaks nationwide about Islam, interfaith dialogue and pluralism. He also teaches courses about Islamic doctrines and history at two colleges.

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Modesty–A universal Value

“This is America; you don’t have to wear that thing on your head anymore.” “You force your wife to cover herself” shouted a protester at CAIR Dallas event in January. “Once they get that established, we’re all going to be wearing hijabs,” Christine Weick said.

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