Publications Department

Eight things to do every month

$11.       Enter publication activity report in Report Master even if there was no activity.

$12.      Have the report verified by the respected president within a couple of days.

$13.      Preserve the history of your Jama‘at by sending news of events (birth, marriage, graduation, members moving in and out, meetings, etc.) to the Gazette and by publishing them in the local newspaper and local Jama‘at website on

$14.      Post local newsletters on if you produce one and keep your site on updated.

$15.      Increase subscriptions to Jama‘at publications especially Review of Religions and Muslim Sunrise.

$16.      Dispatch to the National Publications Secretary the literature, which is published against Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Publish a refutation thereof where necessary.

$17.      Publish appropriate articles in support of Islam and Ahmadiyyat in daily papers and periodicals.

$18.     Report bookstore/bookstall sales/distribution data if you have any.

Six onetime and ongoing items

$11.       Send the names, email addresses and phone numbers of all members in your Jama‘at who can help in writing articles and books, who can help in the translation of Jama‘at literature, and who volunteer to devote time in order to study the literature which has been produced against Islam.

$12.      Arrange library and reading room/area which fulfill needs of the Jama‘at and send the inventory to the national secretary publications.

$13.      Arrange an exhibition library in which literature published by Jamā‘at in different languages of the world is displayed.

$14.      Use for all your publications (books, flyers) needs.

$15.      If you have to publish or reprint a book or a flyer locally, please make sure to inform This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please add the following information to your local publication or reprint: Month and year of printing. Number of copies printed. Printed by (Name of the Jama’at).

$16.      Before undertaking publication of any new book, get approval from Wakilut Tasnif Tahrik Jadid. When a Jama‘at member desires to publish some book on a topic which concerns the Jama‘at, he will seek guidance and permission from Wakilut-Tasnif.

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