Ramadhan Starting on June 6, 2016
Fasting Time Table availabe in Baitus Salam Mosque. Pick your copy Today!
Iftar sign in sheet is posted on both men and lajna side.
During Ramadhan:
Darsul Qur’an: Daily 30 minutes before iftar
Iftar (Dinner): Dinner served every evening. All are welcome! 
Taraveeh Prayers: Every night after Ishaa Prayers 
Chanda (Amm, Jalsa Salana & Wassyat):
WE are at last month of the fiscal year. Please pay your dues as soon as possible.
Spanish Tabligh Project:
Flyer distribution every Saturday & Sunday 11:00am to 5:30pm in Huntington Park (Pacific/Florence)
Cafe, Pastel, Bocadillo Y El Islam
Every Saturday 11:00 am @ Baitus Salam Mosque
Every Monday at 4:00 pm @ 3401 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park (Recreation Center Lounge)
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