• Every Ahmadi should be mindful of the fact that the progress of Ahmadiyyat is taking place not due to our efforts and resources, but it is happening due to the blessings of Allah —  It is indeed an immense favor of God that He made us Ahmadis. May Allah the Exalted help us to always absorb His blessings and enable us to fulfill His rights.
  • Training our children is a great responsibility that we have been entrusted with and we should fully appreciate the importance of this — Training the children, imparting Islamic education and making them a useful being in the society is also part of our job. The training that we give to children also impresses people. In Sierra Leone, in the Bo Jama’at, our Muallam started taking children’s classes. A non-Ahmadi child was also attending. One day that child’s father, Abdul, who was not Ahmadi, was performing ablution. His 10-11 years old son told him that he was not performing the ablution properly and demonstrated the correct way before him, and told him the ablution prayer as well. The father was very happy that his child learned all this from the children’s class. He further said that he was giving that child to the Jama'at for training as they wished. This must be remembered by all the parents and by the system that training the children is a great responsibility given to them. It also opens new ways of Tabligh and training for us.
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