Ahmadiyya Computer Professionals (AACP)
Ameer Sahib USA met with a group of Ahmadi computer professionals on Saturday January 24, 2003 to kick-off the beginnings of an Association of Ahmadi Computer Professionals (AACP-USA) (Please see: icon Introduction of AACP)

The associatio  will be charged with managing the technology needs of the jamaat and to explore the expanded use of electronic and online media.

  • Please stay tuned for exciting updates and various news reagrding AACP, elections for AACP and benefits for the members of AACP:
  • News Letter comming soon (July)
  • Hospitality Booth at Jalsa USA with Internet Access
  • Elections for the Office Holders at Jalsa USA
  • Ambitious reach out programs for the Ahmadis around the world