Oshkosh - WI
Oshkosh Jamaat is a relatively small and a young Jamaat.
Oshkosh is uniquely located with three bigger Jamaats (Milwaukee, Zion and Chicago) as its closest neighbors to the south and Minneapolis to the north west.
Summer activities include a lot of water fun with so many lakes around. In winter with the snow on the ground the Jamaat members enjoy skiing.

The University of Winsconsin - Oshkosh, is a very progressive university with a unique offering to the Foriegn Students: A fee waiver program where Foriegn students are considered to be In-State for tution fee. This gives a much needed relief to the Foriegn students, cutting their tution to almost 1/3rd. Oshkosh Jamaat enjoys a steady flow of students every year and more are welcome.