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Masjid Mahmood.  101 Maple Street, Smyrna, TN 37167

Next Meeting (Annual Tarbiyyat Meeting)
April 1st (Saturday)
8:30am --- Gathering
9:00am --- Tilawat
9:15am --- Nazm
9:30am --- 1st Presentation
9:40am --- 2nd Presentation
9:50am --- 3rd Presentation
10:00am --- Nazm
10:10am --- 4th Presentation
10:20am --- 5th Presentation
10:30am --- 6th Presentation
11:00am --- Children's Competitions
1:00pm --- Zuhr Prayers
1:15pm --- Lunch
2:15pm --- Tarbiyyat Presentation
3:00pm --- Bowling Competition
7:00pm --- Maghrib Prayers
7:30pm --- Prize Distribution
8:30pm --- Isha Prayers
9:00pm --- Khuda Hafiz
Children's Course for the Tarbiyyat Meeting Competetions
All Atfal will be one group (Age 6 to 15. Younger children can also participate)
Tilawat: Surah Al-Lahab (Chapter 111)
Judging Criteria:
♦ Etiquette (Head covered, Arms crossed, Start with Bismillah)
♦ Memorization
♦ Recitation (pronunciation and tune)
Hadith: (From The Book of Religious Knowledge)
Both of the following:
1) Importance of Motives (Page 97)
2) Importance of Taqwah (Page 124)
Judging Criteria
♦Etiquette (start with durood -- long version)
Choose one of the following for a 3-4 min speech
1) Significance and Etiquettes of a Mosque
2) How to Handle Western Holiday Celebrations
3) Importance of Patience
Judging Criteria
♦Etiquette (Start with Bismillah or Tash'had)
♦Content (Quotes from the Quran, Hadith and writings of Promised Messiah and Khulafa)
Har Tarf fikr ko daura kay thakaya hum nay
Koi deen deenay Muhammad sa na paya hum nay
Koi mazhab naheen aisa kay nishan dikhla'ay
Yeh samar baghay Muhammad say hi khaya hum nay
Aao logo kay yaheen nuray khuda pao gay
Lo tumahin taur tasalli ka bataya hum nay
Judging Criteria
Tahir Academy Classes
(12:00pm to 4:00pm)
April --- 15th
May --- 6th and 20th
June --- No classes (Ramadan)
July --- 1st and 22nd
August --- 5th and 19th
September --- 9th and 24th
October --- 7th and 21st
November --- 4th and 18th
December --- 2nd and 16th
January --- 6th and 20th
Schedule of next few monthly meetings is as follows:
April 1st --- Annual Tarbiyyat Meeting
May 6th --- 11am
May 27th --- (Saturday) --- Ramadan Begins
June 26th --- (Monday) --- Eidul Fitr
July 14 to 16 --- Jalsa Salana USA (Harrisburg, PA)
August 5th --- 11am
September 1st -- (Friday) Eidul Azha
October 7th --- 11am
November 4th --- 11am
December 2nd --- 11am
January 6th --- 11am
Address for sending the Chanda Checks
The Finance Secretary
2903 Davenport Drive
Hampton Cove
AL, 35763
Chanda should be paid monthly and is due on the first of the month.
Any one more than three months behind will be considered in default.
Compulsory Chanda for all earning members
1) Lazmi Chanda: 1/16th (6.25%) of the income
2) Chanda Jalsa Salana: 1/120th (0.8%) of annual income. It can be paid in monthly installments.
Wassiyat: (Higher level of sacrifice)
This is in place of Lazmi chanda: 1/10 (10%) of the income
(Last updated on 03/18/2017)  
r. Lutf ur Rehman