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Masjid Mahmood.  101 Maple Street, Smyrna, TN 37167

Next Meeting
March 3rd, Saturday
11:20am --- Gathering
11:30am --- Tilawat
11:40am --- Nazm
11:50am --- National Talim ul Quran Presentation
12:05pm --- National Talim ul Quran Presentation
12:20pm --- National Talim ul Quran Presentation
12:35pm --- Question/Answers
12:45pm --- Zuhr Prayers
1:00pm --- Lunch
1:45pm --- Auxillary Meetings
3:00pm --- Amila Meeting
3:30pm --- Khuda Hafiz
Annual Tarbiyyat Meeting
April 7th, Saturday
8:00am --- Gathering
8:30am --- Tilawat
8:45am --- Nazm
9:00am --- First Presentation
9:15am --- Second Presentation
9:30am --- Nazm
9:35am --- Third Presentation
9:45am --- Fourth Presentation
10:00am --- Question/Answers
10:30am --- Children's competitions
1:00pm --- Zuhr Prayers
1:15pm --- Lunch
2:00pm --- Succesful Marital Life (Men and Lajna)
3:00pm --- Bowling
7:00pm --- Maghrib Prayers
7:30pm --- Prize Distribution
8:00pm --- Isha Prayers
8:30pm --- Khuda Hafiz
Tahir Academy Classes
(12:00pm to 4:00pm)
February --- 3rd and 17th
March --- 3rd and 17th
April --- 21st
May --- 5th
June --- No classes
July --- 7th and 21st
August --- 4th and 18th
Schedule of next few monthly meetings:
March 3rd --- 11am (Massih Maud Day)
April 7th --- Annual Tarbiyyat Meeting
May 5th --- 11am (Khilafat Day)
May 17th --- Ramadan, First Fast. Ramadan Schedule will apply
June 15th --- Friday --- Eidul Fitr
July 7th --- 11am (Education Day)
Please note that the Jalsa will NOT be in Chicago as advertised before.
July 13th to 15th --- Jalsa Salana, USA, Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg, PA
August 4th --- 11am (Humanity First Day)
August 22nd --- Wednesday --- Eidul Azha
September 1st --- 11am
October 6th --- 11am
November 3rd --- 11am
December 1st --- 11am
Address for sending the Chanda Checks
The Finance Secretary
2903 Davenport Drive
Hampton Cove
AL, 35763
Chanda should be paid monthly and is due on the first of the month.
Any one more than three months behind will be considered in default.
Compulsory Chanda for all earning members
1) Lazmi Chanda: 1/16th (6.25%) of the income
2) Chanda Jalsa Salana: 1/120th (0.8%) of annual income. It can be paid in monthly installments.
Wassiyat: (Higher level of sacrifice)
This is in place of Lazmi chanda: 1/10 (10%) of the income
And 10% of your estate at the time of death.
(Last updated on 02/04/2018)  
r. Lutf ur Rehman