Alabama/Tennessee - TN

State of Tennessee lies in the middle of the Bible Belt of America. In fact it is considered to be the buckle of this belt. It is a very conservative and deeply religious society. Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have been living in this part of the country for more than thirty years. Gradually over the years the number of members has grown and now we have an active community of more than 100 members. In August of 2009 we were able to acquire a church and converted it into a mosque. Some renovations were required, which were completed in January of 2010. On March 20th. 2010 the mosque was formally inaugurated with prayers and celebrations. Many prominent jamaat figures were present. Among them Imam Naseem Mahdi sahib, Imam Azhar Hanif sahib, Malik Massod sahib and Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad sahib traveled from different parts of the country. Many non Ahmadi guests were also part of this ceremony.

On instructions from Hadhrat Khalifatul Massih the Fifth, the mosque has been named “Masjid Mahmood”. This mosque is about 6000 square feet in size and has 29 parking places in addition to ample street parking. In addition to separate prayer areas and dining areas for men and women, mosque has an auditorium which can seat 130 people. Adequate kitchen, bathrooms and children areas are also present. With the acquisition of this mosque, our jamaat activities have increased many fold and several tabligh meetings have already taken place. We hope and pray that this mosque will become a starting point for many great things to come.