In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful
Announcements for Friday March 16th, 2012


1.  Mr and Mrs Iftikhar Ahmed are pleased to invite all Silicon Valley jamaat members to the Ameen ceremony of their daughter, Aiyza Ahmed, on this Saturday, March 17th at 4pm at Baitul Baseer.. We would appreciate if you could bless this occasion with your participation and prayers. We would start with tea and snacks at 4pm, followed by Ameen ceremony at 5pm and Asar prayers at 5:30 that day.

2. CDs of Hazoor(abya)’s Friday sermon of today are on the back tables in both the prayer halls. Today’s Sermon topic is: Tabligh by Companions of The Promised Messiah(as).

3. We will be holding our Regional Masih Ma'ood Day at Baitul Baseer Mosque, Milpitas on 25th March 2012 (Sunday). Lunch will be served at 12:00noon and program from 1:15pm - 2:45pm. Please mark you calendars and make your best effort to attend this regional event with your families and invite your friends under Tabligh. This is a great opportunity for all of us to refresh our understanding about the Promised Messiah and the purpose of the establishment of this Jama'at." 

4. Ahmadiyya educational loan and talent award applications are on website. Deadline to submit the application is on May 1, 2012. Members are encouraged to apply early.

5. We will InshAllah be holding a Tarbiyyat Camp for young men 12 yrs and older from July 11th through July 15th at Bait ul Baseer.

Prayers Request: 

By the grace of Almighty Allah I have been blessed with a grandson born to my eldest daughter in Dubai. Please remember the baby boy Aayan and the family in your prayers. Zafar Malik 

Hena Malik sahiba’s sister-in-law in Buffalo, NY, is very sick and has been moved to a cancer hospital. She is fighting the illness for quite some time now. Prayers are requested for an early and complete recovery.

Salaat Timing:

For Friday sermon first Azan is called at 1:15pm sharp and sermon starts exactly at 1:30pm. All members are requested to be at the Mosque by 1:15pm so they can say their Suna prayers in full concentration before the sermon starts. 

We offer Salatul Fajar in congregation with Dars ul Quran at the Mosque at 6:15am every morning. This Saturday  03/17/2012 we will offer Thajjudid prayer in congregation for Tabligh efforts. Prayer start time will be 5:45am.