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Waqf e Nau is a blessed scheme started by Hadhrat Khalifah-tul-Masih the IV.

On 3rd April 1987, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV launched Waqfe Nau scheme and, in connection with the future Waqifeene Nau, advised their parents saying:

“Get them prepared from their very childhood telling that you are born at a great time for a wonderful purpose. It is time when one century is meeting another century of victory of Islam. At this juncture we begged you from Allah! Saying that ‘O Allah! Make him a great servant for the better training of coming generation.’”

Later on 10th February 1989 Hazur said in his Friday sermon:

“There is going to come a gateway in Jama’at when these waqf children will be asked that this is the last gate now, you can’t return from here. If you dare make this deal of your life, if you can present your everything to Allah and never return, then come forward, otherwise turn back on your heels.”

“Real waqf means that a person remains steadfast, up to his last breath, with loyalty. Despite all type of injuries and wounds man keeps on creeping in the way of Allah and never retreats.”No Image

These pages are being developed to provide various educational resources for Waqf-e-Nau children. Stay tuned...