National Graduation Day



The pupose of National Graduation Day is to recognize all victorious students at various schools and colleges from the USA Jamaat membership.

Graduation Day Format:

This will be a local Jamaat meeting with support from auxiliaries, dedicated for this purpose. Items proposed to be included. The theme of the day is to focus on importance of learning as a duty of Muslim. Academics should not be projected as a way to earn more money, but focus to be given on value of learning.

Recitation of the Holy Qur’an, Hadith, Malfoozat: With reference to learning and sharing.
Examples from history: Presentation by young children
  • Muslim Scientists from the golden era of Islam. What was their contribution and how their contribution methodology differed from that found today. (Betterment of humanity contrasted with business goals)
  • Any story from history where education made a difference. Like Three Cups of tea.
Guest Talk:

Work with National Ta’lim team to arrange someone from a neighboring Jama’at to come and talk about importance of education.
If not someone in person, it could be a motivational video from National Ta’lim department.
“Razaqnahum Yunfiqoon” :

A couple presentations done by local students on any interesting topic. It could be a moon mission, a new drug – idea is to deliver knowledge to the audience. Encourage sharing knowledge.
Career Guidance Session:

Invite a community college counselor or someone like that to talk about various courses available and career opportunities. Another option is to have a panel discussion with University Students and Academicians within and outside Jama’at.
Graduation Awards

Abdussalam Award – In any academic field, people who have contributed in terms of new papers published, PhD etc. or any extra-ordinary performance. This will be subject to approval by National team. This group will receive a special plaque from National Amir
Munir Hamid Award – Consistent high performers through the year in high school and college. (12 years and up) Will receive a Plaque from National Ta’lim
Dawn’s Early Light Award – New graduates at Elementary and Middle school. Receives a token gift from Local President.


1. When do we conduct this day?

This has to be aligned with the graduation days. Propose to have this as a 4th of July celebration.

2. How long will this program be?

Maximum half a day. If its on 4th of July, this can be done in the morning followed by sports in the afternoon.

3. Who all need to be actively involved?

This will require active participation from Khuddam and Lajna. Also local AMSA and any member of Ahmadi Professional Association can be consulted and involved.

4. How can I motivate the students to come an attend this?

While this event happends once a year, the students need be encouraged and appreciated year long in the local Jamaat. This can be done on a quarterly basis by looking at semester results and recognizing them at local Jamaat meetings or a “Wall of Fame” set up especially for this purpose on the local Jamaat notice board. While recognizing the successful students, care need to be taken to support the ones who are not doing well – Sec Ta’lim should find out ways Jamaat can support these students and bring them up too.

5. Can I combine this with another program?

No. This day should stand separate. A group of students can be selected by Sec Ta’lim for execution of this program. This has to be “for the students and by the students” format.

6. Who will fund the program?

Sec Ta’lim must plan for this event and budget for this in the annual Jamaat budget. The National Amir awards and the National Ta’lim awards will be sponsored by the National Ta’lim team. All other awards and other event expenses will be handled by the local Jamaat.

7. Can Lajna attend this?

Lajna must attend this, since education and upbringing of the next generation is mostly handled by Lajna. It is important that women fully understands and appreciates the need of education.