Instructions for Setting up MTA Receiver in North America
Alhamdolillah, MTA Satellite Service for North America is back up and running  on Satellite AMC-3 at 87° W. Please set-up your receiver as follows:
MTA Teleport has been upgraded in order to provide you with MTA’s new expanded services in North America.  

Please Note :

  • MTA Service is still on the same AMC-3 Satellite at 87’ West. So don’t change the direction of your Satellite Dish, if it is already peaked to the maximum signal reception.Simply proceed to Step 2 below to update your MTA receiver.

STEP 1: Calculate Azimuth and Elevation for your Location:


  • Angle Lookup (24.09 KB) Use this chart to find Azimuth and Elevation for your city to align your dish towards AMC-3  Satellite. If you cannot find your city in  this chart, locate the nearest city within the 50 miles radius from your location and use that as a reference.
  • Lookup Angle Calculator Use this chart to calculate approximate bearings for your  location. You will need to know the Zipcode or the Longitude and Latitude to calculate the approximate bearing for AMC-3 Satellite in your area.
    The Lookup Angle Chart is more accurate as compared to the calculator.

STEP 2: Follow Instructions for Installation:


  • Once aligned, choose your satellite receiver below to follow the recommended directions to tune your set-top box with new frequencies and parameters:
  • StarTrak 1000 UPDATED(If you have not upgraded to Version 2 software
    You will not be able to receive MTA with this receiver!)
  • Traxis 1500 2500 UPDATED
  • Sky 223
  • Sky 330