Finance & Tajneed

To reduce the long lines at the Jalsa Registration booth and for security concerns, all members are requested to get a premanent ID card, if they don't already have one.

  • All individuals who need a Jamaat Id card with photo, needs to fill out the following forms:
    • T7 Order Men's Jamaat ID Card (Men Only)  Submit T7 Online - Men Only )
    • T7 Order Women's Jamaat ID Card (Women Only)  Submit T7 Online - Women Only )
    • T7G Order Guest ID Card ( Click Here to Submit Online ==> Men Only - Women Only )
  • Fill out the short T7 form with all needed information
    • Remember that there are separte T7 forms for men and women.
    • Make sure that you provide all the correct information  on the forms including member code, email address, postal address and date of birth.
    • Submit the form and expect an email confirmation with a reference number
    • You would be asked to provide a picture through email. Here are the requirements for the Picture:
      • Photo size should be the 3 by 4 portrait.
      • Background  Should be white
      • All photos should be facing forward and looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression, and closed mouth, without a red eye.
      • Male members should not wear any cap.
      • Women should have their head covered.
      • Lighting should be even and no shadow should be visible on the picture.
      • If the applicant uses glasses (for eyeshight only) it is recommended to have them also in the photo.
      • Photos should be in the natural condition i.e. must not be enhanced or modified by any photo editing program.
  • Tajneed team will Inshallah process it in 1-2 weeks