Finance & Tajneed

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines for Finance Refresher Course

All Local Finance Secretaries and Invitees are encouraged to minimize expenses for travel to the Conference. Keep in mind that all Jama'at funds are precious and must be used sparingly. Of course, the spirit of sacrifice should always be at the forefront during travel to Jama'at events.

Finance Secretaries and Invitees who drive to the Conference will be reimbursed for: (1) actual/total gas expenses (please save all receipts); and (2) tolls (please save all receipts).  No reimbursements will be available for car rental expenses. You are encouraged to take your own vehicles.

Finance Secretaries and Invitees who fly to the Conference (BWI-Baltimore Washington Airport is the preferred airport) will be reimbursed for the total airfare as follows:

West Coast Jama’ats – Not to exceed $450

Gulf Region Jama’ats – Not to exceed $350

Midwest Jama’ats – Not to exceed $350

East Coast Jama’ats – Not to exceed $250

NOTE: If you are within 250 miles of Baitur Rahman Mosque (NHQ), please drive to the event and use your own vehicle (avoid rental cars unless there is prior approval), and carpool with others in or near your area and save your receipts for Gas/Toll which will be reimbursed.

Airline tickets must be purchased at least 3 weeks ahead of the dates of the Conference (i.e., by no later than January 31, 2015).

Airfare reimbursements are only available for the Invitees, the local Finance Secretary or his approved alternate representative. 

No reimbursements will be available for baggage fees, change fees or airport parking expenses.