By the Grace of Allah, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, USA now has 10 national level publications and writing groups (see list below).  Each is making a contribution towards achieving the Jama’at’s Isha’at objectives in its special way.  The Isha’at Department would like to identify ways to make continue making progress in the field of publication.

Therefore the National Isha'at Secretary invites the heads of all national level publications and writing groups to attend the 1st National Isha'at Coordinating Meeting via teleconference at 8p-9p ET on Monday, November 7, inshallah.  The meeting sets out to accomplish the following:

  1. Introduce editors/chairpersons and their publications/groups, as well as Isha'at team
  2. Discuss issues of common concern and learn from each other (recruiting and developing writers, content, printing, etc.)
  3. Identify areas where Isha'at can assist

Invitees are asked to please kindly reply to Publications[at] at their earliest convenience to (a) provide input on which specific issues they would like to discuss, if any; (b) confirm their participation.  Auxiliary Sadran are welcome to attend and/or have their national Isha'at secretary attend.  Attendance for all invitees is optional.


List of National Level Publications (Please add/correct as needed):

  1. The Ahmadiyya Gazette/Al-Nur (National ta‘leem and tarbiyyat magazine)
  2. The Muslim Sunrise (National tabligh magazine)
  3. Ansar Newsletter
  4. Al-Nahl (Ansar magazine)
  5. MKA USA Magazine (Khuddam magazine)
  6. Lajna Matters (Lajna newsletter)
  7. The Ayesha (Lajna magazine)
  8. Al-Hilal (Children’s)
  9. Majlis Sultan-ul Qalam (Media writing group)
  10. Lajna Media Watch (Media writing group)

*     eLajna Times (online)