Please arrange your local Jama’at libraries

If a Jama'at has a library then the Jama'at president should appoint a librarian.Librarian can be chapter publications secretary.

Library can be given a name.

The librarian should upkeep the library.

1)       Divide the items in the library in three categories.

a)    Separate the items which are to stay in the library and are not to be borrowed or taken outside the library. These are reference items. These are books which are difficult to replace in case they are misplaced.

b)       Separate the items which can be borrowed to be taken outside the library. These are the circulation items. These are books which can be replaced if misplaced or lost.

c)       Separate the items which can be taken away by the patrons. These are free items.

2)       Please keep the reference and circulations items under lock and key.

3)       Catalogue all the reference and circulation items.

4)       Affix a label bearing the name of the library on the inside cover of the reference and circulation items. Please affix label on an empty space.

Divide books by language. Shelve English books separately. Shelve Urdu books separately. You may shelve other languages collectively.

Under each language, arrange books as follows:

Holy Quran and books related to Holy Quran. Hadith, Sirah and related books. Books written before Ahmadiyyat. Ruhani Khaza'in and Malfuzat. Books of Ahmadi Caliphs. Other books.

Please send the National Secretary Publications a copy of the catalogue so that the national office can know the location of all the titles in possession of the US Jama‘ats. This way, in case a researcher needs to consult a particular item, the location of the item can be identified.

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