If you are writing or translating a book, you may want the national publications secretary know so that there is no duplication, and also that he may provide you with necessary requirements and guidelines to facilitate your work.

All authors, editors and publishers, please note that two copies of all your books, flyers, magazines and newsletters need to be sent to Library of Congress, Attn: Copyright Acquisitions Division- CAD/SER, 101 Independence Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20559-6602. You may be fined by the Copyright Department if you fail to comply unless you have been advised by the Library of Congress in writing that you do not need to send further copies of your periodical publication.

The US publications department needs volunteers for translation, review and editing. If you have time to volunteer for such activity please contact the national secretary publications.

If you print a flyer, book or any other item locally, please send a copy to Secretary Publications so that it can be added to the Ahmadiyya archives and it can also be included in the annual publications report sent to the International Headquarters.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.