Secretary Isha'at

  1. He shall try to make the Jama'at literature available to the members. For this purpose he may also undertake publication of books written by Hadrat Masih Mau’ood (peace be upon him), his Malfuzat and books written by different Khulafa' and eminent scholars of the Jamā’at.
  2. He shall undertake publication of Jama'at's magazines and gazettes.
  3. Where possible, he shall be responsible for running Jama’at’s book depot(s).
  4. He shall collect and dispatch to the Markaz the literature, which is published against Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Where necessary he shall also publish a refutation thereof.
  5. He shall see that appropriate articles in support of Islam and Ahmadiyyat are published in daily papers and periodicals.
  6. He shall involve talented members of the Jama'at in writing articles and books which may promote aims and objects of the Jama'at,
  7. He shall see that Jama'at's literature is translated and published in the local languages.
  8. He shall see that all major branches have their own libraries and reading rooms which fulfill needs of the Jama'at.
  9. He shall arrange an exhibition library in which literature published by Jamā’at in different languages of the world is displayed.
  10. Before undertaking publication of any new book he shall get approval from Wakilut Tasnif Tahrik Jadid. He shall see that when a Jama'at member desires to publish some book on a topic which concerns the Jama'at, he will seek guidance and permission from Wakilut Tasnif
  11. He shall be responsible for collecting and compiling Jama'at's history.
  12. He shall collect and forward to the Markaz the names of such learned Ahmadis who volunteer to devote time in order to study the literature which has been produced against Islam. Such volunteers take a note of these writings and inform the Markaz about it. The secretary shall co­