In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

Project Plan - Baypoint 100 Bai’ats


Background: When President Baypoint Jama’at Khurram Shah Sahib went to meet Huzur Aqdas (ab) in L. A. on May 8, 2013, Huzur told him immediately upon arrival, “100 Bai’at are needed by next year.” Before this Huzur Anwer had met with Khadim Shah Sahib and Jesus Mahmood Torres Sahib on May 5, 2013.  David Gonzalez Sahib of Guatemala also met Huzur Anwer and then on May 10, 2013 Huzur laid out his vision of Tabligh among the Latin American populations of the Americas.


The idea is to work in the town of Baypoint with full focus to try and achieve the Goal set by Huzur Anwer (ab).

Baypoint is a small town of 21,000 people in northern California.  55% of the population is Hispanic, 21% white, 11% African American, 10% Asian and the local Jama’at members are well knitted into the local community.

The main thrust of our PLAN relies on the following OBSERVATIONS:

  1. We need a year-long effort that relies on activities all 52 weeks of the year and EVERY DAY of EACH WEEK.
  2. We need EVERY MEMBER of the Jama’at to be involved in this effort.
  3. We want the people of the town to come and ASK who we are we want to become as fully devoted to serving the people of this community.

Keeping these things in mind here are the things we propose doing and continuously daily trying to get every member of the Jama’at involved in doing and reaching out to the local community by telling them about these efforts and trying to get them to help us with these efforts in a spirit of being a part of our community.

1.    Weekly Open House Every Saturday.  Invite 10, 20, 30 families to the Masjid and hold brief introduction to Islam sessions followed by question and answer and lunch or dinner sessions.  The aim is to personally invite people, again and again, and continue every week to grow the number of our friends who come and to get to know everyone personally and try and find out what their issues are and see if we can help resolve their issues - whether they are health, education or immigration related.  This will involve us trying to access members who can help with health, education and legal advice. As a way to grow the numbers we will need to continue the outreach efforts through participation in flea markets, blood drives, all kinds of outreach. Another way to grow the numbers of people coming would be to make sure those who come are encouraged to get their friends, neighbors and acquaintances to come too...the more we sincerely try to serve the ones who come the more they will automatically bring their friends and colleagues to come insha-Allah.


We should measure three things:

1.  How many people come every week;

2.  Record what measures are taken every week to increase the number of guests; and

3.  Record how many members of the Jama’at are involved in bringing guests.

A Google doc should be started to track our progress and provide the data relevant for the above three measurable goals.  

July 13, 2013 was the first of these.  In this first meeting 10 guests came and they were introduced the basic message of the Unity of God and its implication that if we love God then we must love all His creation and serve His creatures.  When asked for their help how we may work together to do this one of the people present, Jose said it would be good to hold information sharing sessions with doctors in the field of health. Another said he had some eye problems and would appreciate seeing an eye doctor.  [There was actually an Open House the previous week also so perhaps we ought to say this was started on July 6, 2013].

One of the guests was a nearby neighbor [Uriel Chavez] who came with two small children - a boy and a girl.  It was observed that these children really enjoyed meeting and playing with our boys and girls and at the end the child was insisting that they come again tomorrow.  THIS SHOWS that if we focus on our neighbors we can have tremendous success..  

2.    Start a MODEST Weekly End Hunger program in collaboration with the local Ambrose Community Center.  They already do a one day program in which they feed a few elderly people.  We would like to just do the same on another day of the week.  The idea is to then go to everyone in the city and tell them about the program and ask them to join us in supporting and making the program wider.  This will again enable us to be able to reach out to every shop and business and spread the word and also enable us to grow the program insha-Allah with the involvement of the local community.

The above is a raw basic skin and bones plan that needs to be developed much more and for each of the two items above we need to make TEAMS that divide up the work AND that look into the resources [human and material] needed to start and sustain these activities and to GROW them.  


Here we should measure three things also:

1.   The number of people we feed every week;

2.   The number of houses and businesses we go to to tell about our program and get their help in making it a greater success every day; and

3.    Record the number of members who are involved in spreading the word about our program to the local community by recording the names and addresses of the businesses or persons living around them or working with them whom they have approached for their help by volunteering or contributing to make the program a greater success every day.

Again once this is set up a google doc should be started to track our progress and provide the data relevant for the above three measurable goals.  


OVERALL INCHARGE: Khurram Shah Sahib, President.  Main Responsibility is to OVERSEE and CONTINUOUSLY monitor progress and look into the future and see what is needed [and not yet available] and make preparations to facilitate its becoming available etc. these items may be human or financial resources or materials or know-how...CONTINUOUSLY focus on involving more and more members and IMPROVE their level of involvement by providing specific guidance and assistance on how they can do this.

Incharge Item 1: Muzaffar Ahmad Zafar

Health Resource: Homayun Saleh [209-612-0551; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Education Resource:

Legal Advice Resource:

Incharge Item 2: Chrisistco Komari

Food Preparation and Service:

Community Involvement Program:

Budget and Human Resources:


The Weekly Get Together Program should start immediately and tracked.  The first meeting had 10 guests.  The week from July 14 till 20th should be spent thinking how to get these and more guests to come and how to address some of the issues they brought up and see if any of the things we learnt can lead to us being able to get greater participation or better participation.  For example in the first July 13 meeting it was noticed that a neighbor came with his children and the children enjoyed playing with our children and at the end of the evening were saying they wanted to come we see that if we focus on our immediate neighbors we could have greater and easier success insha-Allah.

The end hunger weekly program should be set up by the end of Ramadhan by the latest - August 10, 2013.