Guidelines for Interfaith Conference and Panel Discussion

For the kind attention of the speakers and participants of Interfaith Conference.

1. In the best interest of inter-religious harmony and understanding and in keeping with the traditions of the Interfaith Conference, the speeches and presentations may please be focused on the theme of the conference, presenting only the beauties and magnificence of one's own faith and philosophical traditions without casting aspersions on others' faiths and beliefs.

2. Any comparison with the teachings of a specific religion or a group of religions from a geographical region may only be made in an objective manner aimed at promoting better understanding and respect between the followers of various religions and/or philosophical traditions.

3. The discourses and presentations should be based primarily on the holy scriptures of the respective faith (with specific references). For those who do not subscribe to any religion, specific philosophical references should be quoted accurately in support of any contention.

4. In order to best manage the various logistics involved at the conference and to have adequate time available for a purposeful discussion at the end, the speakers and presenters are requested to strictly observe the time allocated.

5. Invite one speaker from each religion. For example, speaker from Jamaat should be the only Muslim speaker and one from the Christian religion. Some Jamaats invite nonAhmadi Muslim speakers and 3 or 4 different Churches to speak.

6. The moderator should not be from Jamaat but from outside.

7. The local Jamaat should send the names of the speakers and the Jamaat members to the moderator beforehand so they can practice pronouncing their names.

8. There should be clear guidelines from Markaz for the seating arrangements of Lajna. A lot of Jamaats do not allow Lajna to sit in the same hall as the men and the guests have questioned this and have commented that this means that there is no equality of genders in Islam, etc.

9. The Q/A session: questions should be related to the topic assigned and answered by only one speaker.

The organizers of the conference thank you for your cooperation.

~ ~