In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

2012/13 Annual Tabligh Review


AssalamoAlaikum!  There is a lot to report, alhamdolillah, under each heading...anyone wishing to see everything that is going on is welcome to visit: and look inside the many folders describing the work being done.  For now here are just the main points of our 2012-13 Annual Tabligh Work:

1.    We fulfilled the 2010 Shura Directive regarding the holding of an Annual Tabligh Conference - we held the First such meeting in November 2012.  Alhamdolillah! It was an immense success by the sheer Grace and Mercy of Allah.

2.    Digitizing Tabligh/Outreach Work.  This is progressing at good speed and insha-Allah will be ready to be rolled out by Jalsa Salana 2013.  There is a need for a FULL PRESENTATION on this and EXPLANATION and TRAINING...Indeed, I humbly suggest we need to devote the whole of the 2013 Tabligh Conference to train the local tabligh secretaries in this.

3.    Exhibitions: Holy Quran; Holy Prophet - 53 in all circulating...we need to show and highlight the successful events – e.g. Indiana State, Harrisburg, etc. etc., there is a lot we need to talk about.  They have done some great work in Osh Kosh also and MANY MANY other locations...

4.    Nationwide African American Journey to Islam Exhibition is Ready.  We are now developing a PLAN for this to be sent to EACH REGION and we suggest that a devoted African American Ahmadi be asked to lead the effort in his/her region to take this to 1,000 main libraries, town halls, State Assemblies etc.  This is a great undertaking that will be like the  “Muslim Journeys Building Bridges Bookshelf."  Here is the news coverage from Dallas News:   We can get a lot of ideas by looking at who sponsored all this effort and see if we can somehow collaborate with them OR failing that just do it ourselves...but this will undoubtedly be a GREAT CAMPAIGN.

5.    Social Media Efforts are now underway...and groups of helpers are coming together around @naseemmahdi, #MyMuhammad, and

6.    Op Ed and MASQ Writers Defense overcome the negative impact of hate-mongers and dedicated Islamophobes etc who erstwhile used to just come and attack our writers and essentially turn a positive impact effort into a negative impact now with the help of Lajna...jazakallah ahsnaaljaza...we have a team of about 40 Lajna under the able leadership of Shahina Bashir Sahiba working to take care of these hate-mongers...using They have been assigned the task of growing their numbers to 100.

7.    Our Campaigns: 

a) Jan to March, “I Love Muhammad (sa)” nationwide conferences focused only on Muhammad (sa)...with a goal of 150 new contacts all working on a  centrally well laid out program ...;

b) “Muslims for Loyalty” in July, again centrally planned and executed;

c) “Muslims for Life” in August – September, this year focusing on schools and all the franchises of MLB; and

d) “Muslims for Peace” in December – January timeframe.

8.    Co-ordination of Tabligh, Media and PA efforts..regular meetings to join all things and overcome any hurdles miscommunications etc..and working well alhamdolillah...

9.    Next we will phase in the “Peace through the Messiah” campaign insha-Allah!

10. Printing of paperback Holy Quran and till now some 1,000 copies have been distributed all across the US for free..

11.  Spanish and Bangla Desks continue to get more and more active and involved.  Alhamdolillah. More literature is being printed for both and they both hold meetings at the National and West Coast Jalsa Salanas.

12.  Radio and TV Programs are progressing and attempts are being made to carry out this work more methodically and nationwide through every Jama’at.

13.  MASQ, Lajna Media Watch ...the work of both needs to be acknowledged and mentioned because of its great impact in the overall tabligh efforts.

14.  Humanity First and the various social services efforts being done in a number of Jama’ats help in communicating through actions the beautiful world Islam wishes to bring into being.  We have discussed several possible future campaigns to foster and grow these ways of outreach and insha-Allah once we are ready a campaign will be announced.  One idea is to center a campaign on SERVING OUR NEIGHBORS and another maybe to try and help feed the hungry..

I want to thank all who have helped, in particular National Secretary Tabligh, Hasan Hakeem Sahib and the members of the national and local Media, PA and Tabligh Teams, the heads of all three of our auxiliaries, and of course the Presidents of all our US Jama’ats and all our Missionaries: Jazakallah ahsanaljaza.



Naseem Mahdi

Naib Ameer and Missionary Incharge