Office of Wakil-ul-Maal (II) -Wasiyyat Cell

  • It is very essential for Moosies outside Pakistan to get their payments checked up annually at the end of a fiscal year (on 30th June) by their local/National Jamaat and the errors, if any, corrected.
  • It is always very useful for every Moosi to safeguard every kind of documents pertaining to any payment against Hissa Amad or Hissa Jaidad in the form of receipts, certificates or correspondence, etc., and preserve them in a file.
  • In case of change of address, this is the prime responsibility of a Moosi to inform, of this change, the previous Jama'at as well as the Jama'at he/she has joined. It is also very desirable that the Moosi should always keep the Wakalat Maal II (Wasaya Cell) informed of his/her movement from one place to the other. Before leaving a Jama'at the Moosi must get a complete account of his/her budget of Hissa Wasiyyat and actual payments, attested by the secretary Mal as well as the president of the local Jama'at and endorsed by the National Amir.
  • It is also very vital for all the Moosies that they must, regardless of any communication from Markaz, remain in constant contact with their National Headquarters as well as the Wakalat Maal II, (Wasaya Cell) at Rabwah.
  • The Moosies must make it a norm to visit, physically, the Wasaya Cell of Wakalat Maal II, along with their receipts of payments, etc., whenever they happen to be in the Markaz and make sure that their account of payable Chanda Wasiyyat and actual payments is complete and up to date in their respective file.
  • According to the rules of Wasiyyat, it is very essential for a Moosi to keep the Majlis Karpardaz informed, through the Wakalat Maal II, of whenever a change takes place in the circumstances pertaining to his/her property/estates due to sale, transfer, bestowment, new purchases, addition, trust or purchase in anonymity.
  • If a Moosi transfers his property or a part thereof in the name of any inheritor(s) by the way of bestowment, the Moosi shall still be liable to pay Hissa Wasiyyat on that property.
  • If a Moosi has, in his care, someone else's property as trust, it shall be his/her responsibility to inform the Majlis Karpardaz of such trust, through Wakalat Maal II, so that it should not be included in Moosi Tarka, in case of his/her sudden death.
  • It is a norm of Wasiyyat section of every Jama'at, the world over, that, for the completion of Wasiyyat account of every individual Moosi, a Form "C" is sent to him/her to fill in and return to the Jama'at. Every Moosi is supposed to declare, through this form, his/her total income from all kinds of sources, so as to determine his/her payable Chanda Wasiyyat. If a Moosi does not receive this form "C", due to one reason or the other, he/she can declare his/her payable collective Chanda Wasiyyat on a plain sheet of paper and send it to Markaz through local Secretary Wasaya.
  • In the light of Rule 51, if the property of a Moosi yields any income, the Hissa Amad shall be payable on such income at the rate of Chanda Aam, i.e., 1/16.
  • In the light of Rule 52, if Hissa Jaidad on a property has been paid in full, then payment of Hissa Amad at the rate of "Chanda Aam" (i.e., 1/16) on such income shall remain obligatory .
  • In the light of Rule 53, the Moosi shall, after every five years, inform the office of the particulars of his/her property on the prescribed form, i.e., FORM -C.