Hazrat Musleh e Mauuod in a note to Jamaat on August 23, 1931 wrote:
Few of my friends have told me that some of our members are now tired of making the contributions, I simply responded by asserting that this is an erroneous notion. The one who is tired of paying contributions is not our friend; indeed we do no favor to God by contributing, rather it is His favor upon us. Hazrat Promised Messiah (AH) has exempted his children from joining Nizam-e-Wasiyyat, therefore I consider my participation in Wasiyyat against the Shariah, but for the sake of expressing my gratitude for Allah's favor upon us, I, on the average, contribute up to 1/5th or even more towards Chandahs and other Divine tasks. When I borrow money for household expenses, even then I contribute from these loans, as I believe that if we are able to borrow for our personal needs why can't we borrow for Divine needs. The truth of the matter is that if we are unable to make financial sacrifices that are the least among the sacrifices, how would we able to offer other sacrifices that are far greater than these..
(Excerpt from High Time of Sacrifices for Momineen)