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Special session includes featured remarks from leading U.S. Congressman, internationally renowned Imam and new city police chief      

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, one of the nation’s oldest Muslim organizations, celebrates its 29th West Coast Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) this weekend in Chino, California.

Saturday’s special session will feature many community leaders. U.S. Congressman Ed Royce (R-39), Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, will deliver featured remarks about ISIS.  Imam Azhar Haneef, renowned scholar and National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, will address the audience on the concept of “Khilafat” (caliphate) in Islam and how it is a force for peace not conquest.  Amidst national unrest and growing distrust with law enforcement, Chino Police Chief Karen Comstock will deliver remarks to a racially diverse audience.  

Others scheduled to participate include:

1. Dick Haley, City Council, City of Corona

2. Eric Linder, California State Assemblyman (R-CA-60)

3. Marc Steinorth, California State Assemblyman (R-CA-40)

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