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Deploys First Responders to Earthquake Epicenter


Humanity First USA is making an urgent call for donations after a horrific earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale rocked Nepal two days ago. The latest reports indicate over 2000 lives lost, and scores more injured or at risk of death.


Humanity First has deployed a highly trained volunteer first responder team of top healthcare and disaster relief workers to Nepal from North America and Europe. These medical and disaster relief workers are traveling to the earthquake’s epicenter and surrounding regions to provide immediate medical assistance and supplies to those at most imminent risks of further injury and death.


“For two decades now Humanity First has served as the world leader in responding to natural disasters,” said Munam Naeem, Executive Director of Humanity First USA, “We are making an urgent appeal to everyone for donations to maximize our efforts on the ground in Nepal. Every dollar donated saves lives.”


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