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For Immediate Release:
September 19, 2012

Muslims Call for End to Antagonism & Violence

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns newest French cartoon and calls on Muslims to respond with civility

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA strongly condemns the irresponsible decision by French magazine Charlie Hebdo to publish offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.  Such a publication serves to add fuel to an already raging fire, and this nonsensical provocation must be condemned by all those seeking peace and order in the world.  Overt attempts to incite hatred and provoke a religious group do not constitute freedom.

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For Immediate Release:
September 14, 2012

Muslim Group Partners With Red Cross to Collect Over 120 Pints of Blood at U.S. Capitol Hill to Honor 9/11 Victims

Nationwide “Muslims for Life” campaign holds over 400 blood drives with goal of collecting 11,000 pints of blood

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA received bipartisan support this week for its 9/11 memorial blood drives at the Rayburn and Cannon congressional buildings as part of its nationwide “Muslims for Life” campaign.  The campaign commemorates the 11th anniversary of 9/11 by collecting 11,000 pints of blood and by spreading the message that Islam emphasizes the sanctity of all human life.

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For Immediate Release:
August 5, 2012

Muslims Condemn Shooting at Sikh Temple

Nation’s oldest Muslim organization sends condolences and calls for peace and justice

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA – the oldest Muslim organization in America – strongly condemns this morning’s senseless shooting on worshipers gathered at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in the city of Oak Creek, near Milwaukee. While details of the attack continue to emerge, such brutality and hatred does not represent the otherwise tolerant and peaceful relationships between faith communities in this nation, and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA calls on all people of conscience to condemn this act.

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For Immediate Release:
September 13, 2012

Muslims Condemn Violent Reaction to Anti-Muslim Film

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya and other U.S. diplomats

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA strongly condemns the senseless acts of violence against the U.S. diplomatic offices in Egypt and Libya as well as the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and other U.S. diplomats.  The killing of any innocent person is completely wrong, and no religious or moral teachings anywhere in the world can sanction the killing of an ambassador or other representative of a State.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA fully supports the ongoing U.S. diplomatic efforts around the world and calls on all people of conscience to wholly condemn such barbaric and unjustifiable attacks against those working towards peace.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA condemns the vandalism committed on a new Sikh temple under construction in Sterling Heights, Michigan, on February 6th, 2012. In this targeted attack, vandals spray-painted the walls of the temple with an obscenity, a picture of a gun, a cross and a reference to the Prophet Muhammad. Such an incident illustrates not only ignorance of different faith traditions in America but also a growing religious intolerance that must be cured.

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