Finance & Tajneed

Adding / Updating Tajneed Information

Keeping an up-to-date tajneed information is very important for many reasons. It allows:

(1) Center to share important information about Hazur's instructions, events, campaigns, etc. with the members
(2) Local and National offices to plan and register for events like Jalsa, etc. based on more accurate information
(3) Finance Secretaries to create an accurate budget for the coming years, which helps center plan for various projects and services.
(4) Members to pay their chanda and get it properly recorded and accounted for.

How to Add/Update Tajneed Information

There are several ways you can add / update Tajneed information.

Tajneed Forms:

(1) T1 New/Change Membership Information ( Submit T1 Online )

(2) T2 Change of Address Information ( Submit T2 Online )

(3) T3 Newborn Info ( Submit T3 Online )

(4) T4 Bait Form (Download pdf Page 1 of 2 / pdf Page 2 of 2 ) ( pdf Bait Form English )

(5) T5 Find An Ahmadi Near You ( Submit T5 Online )

(7-A) T7 Order Jamaat ID Card (Men Only)  ( Submit T7 Online - Men Only )

(7-B) T7 Order Jamaat ID Card (Women Only)  Submit T7 Online - Women Only )

(7-G) T7G Order Guest Card ( To Submit T7G, Click Here => Men Only  -  Women Only )


How to Fill the Tajneed Forms:

(1) All Tajneed Forms are available Online and can be submitted Online by member/applicant/office holder

(2) Make sure important information is completely filled out, e.g. Jamaat Name, AMI Code of Head of Family (in case of changes), Contact Phone Numbers

(3) We require that local Finance Secretary or President approve/verify all new Member registration requests. therefore make sure to provide current and previous Jamaat name, president/ameer names and contact info.

(4) Make sure to enter your email address and cell phone number, so that its easy for us to contact you in case we need more information or any clarification. Otherwise, there might be additional delays in processing your request.

(5) Whenever you fill out and submit a tajneed form online, expect to receive a confirmation email with a reference number. If you dont receive it, then there might be some problems in submitting the form and we did not receive that information either. So please try again.

(6) Do not leave any field empty. Write Not applicable in fields that are not applicable to your request.

(7) In case of new converts, we need both the tajneed form (online) and bait form properly filled out and attested from local Jamaat.

(8) In case of Ahmadi members moving from other countries to US, we need complete information about their previous Jamaat/Country for verification purposes. Absence of such information will only result in processing delays.


Submit Tajneed Requests by Mail:

Please send completely filled out forms to the headquarter at this address:

National Secretary Finance
Attn: Tajneed Additions/Changes
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
15000 Good Hope Road
Silver Spring, MD 20905


Submit Tajneed Requests by Fax:

Please Fax completely filled out forms to toll free (866) 694-8771. Also include your fax number for future correspondence.


Submit Tajneed Requests by Email:

You can also scan the filled out forms and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Submit Tajneed Requests Online:

You can fill out these Tajneed forms online by clicking the links above. This way, you would not need to print them out or mail/fax them anywhere. Once you submit these forms online, they will automatically be sent to Tajneed section at the headquarter. You will also be notified and once these forms are processed, you will be informed by phone/email.


Contact Us:

Email Address for All Questions / Inquiries / Additions / Changes: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Call at one of these phone numbers: